goandy spiceley(vibes/marimba)

has played vibes and percussion in a variety of new music ensembles ... written music for chamber groups ... co-founder of new music quartet Quorum playing piano and percussion with them on BBC Radio3, London's South Bank Centre, touring UK and internationally.

gopaul mccarten(piano/keyboards)

"since as early as i can remember, it's always been jazz piano which has drawn me towards music - from the rhythmic bases of albert ammons to the more eclectic bill evans. my development has followed the tradition in chronological order - although totally unplanned. two players who, for me best combine all this history are the incredible art tatum and oscar, both have complete command of the piano and are my main two sources of inspiration..."

goleslie kett(trumpet/percussion)

dance and r&b "tifo" whose musical path started in the blues, slipped into soul, reggae and soca before returning from a musical sabbatlcal found him in the jazz groove. "it's (sic) got to connect with your hips first and your head will follow."